RocACTS has three Task Forces that focus on advocating for change on specific issues that affect our community, impact equality of life for our residents, reflect on structural racism and require citizen education.  The three Task Forces are:

  • Criminal Justice

  • Education

  • Poverty/Jobs/Housing

Criminal Justice task force

The Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF) is focused on the Police Accountability Board reform; bail reform, change in the pratice of solitary confinement; addressing structural racism in our community as it relates to the criminal justice system; and implementation of Raise the Age.

Roc/ACTS CJTF wants to provide our community with systems of criminal justice that are fair, humane, age-appropriate, free of bias and economically accessible.  We work towards our goals by attending meetings, advocating local and statewide, educating community members, joining in support and solidarity with other advocacy groups, engaging in training for our own membership and developing focused advocacy actions such as postcards and press events.  

MEETINGS:  2nd Monday of each month from 6:00 - 7:30 pm

                     Ellen Stubbs Apartments--Community Room, 396 Hudson Ave, Rochester, NY 14605


Please Note:  Virtual Meeting will be held until further notice - please check back for instructions on how to connect to future meeting(s)

CO-CHAIRS: Kathleen FitzPatrick, 585-748-1361,

                     Shanique Byrd

Click here to view CJTF agendas and minutes

Education task force

The Education Task Force (ETF) is currently focusing on the Rochester City School District (RCSD).   Task Force members are collaboraing with the Children's Agenda and other existing groups and organizations in efforts to aid the RCSD.  

If you wish to get involved, please either email or call the the Community Organizer

MEETINGS:  Last Friday of Month at 4:00 pm.  Currently all Meeting are Zoom Meetings

CO-CHAIR:  Rotating Facilatators

COMMUNITY ORGANIZER:  Betty Hancock (585-201-0147);   

Poverty, jobs, housing task force

The Poverty/Jobs/Housing Task Force (PJHTF) is focusing on State of Emergency housing issues in Rochester, NY.  These issues include spiraling homelessness, mass evictions, poor living conditions and decreasing affordability for low-income residents.

One of the causes for the housing crisis is entrenched poverty.  Rampant slum conditions and housing instability also effect education and health.

The Poverty/Jobs/Housing Task Force has traveled to Albany to lobby NY Legislature twice in 2019.  In February they spoke with Legislatures on low-pay wages and working conditions for Health Care Workers.  On May 14, the Task Force traveled again to Albany along with Citizens for Action to lobby for the multiple housing issues that plague the marginalized communities here in Rochester.

PJHTF continues to support Corners to Careers which is linking many service organizations in the area to create a residential program aimed at getting young adults into relearning living/working skills while being trained in employable skills development.  

MEETINGS:         3rd Tuesday of each month from 6:30 - 8:00 pm

                            SEIU 1199, 259 Monroe Avenue, Suite 220, Rochester, NY 14607

Please Note:  Virtual Meeting will be held until further notice - please check back for instructions on how to connect to future meeting(s)

CHAIRPERSON:  Larry Knox, 585-500-5634,

Click here to view PJHTF agendas and minutes

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