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Membership Application

Annual Dues Structure



<100 members› $100

100-250 members› $250

251-500 members› $500

501-1,000› $1,000

1,000+ members $1500

Individual Membership

Regular $30

Low Income $12

Membership is open to any individual, faith community or non-profit organization in the Greater Rochester metropolitan area that supports and endorses the vision and mission of RocACTS, agrees to follow its Bylaws and is approved by the Board.

Individual or Organization/Congregation Name:  ____________________________________




Address: _______________________________________________________________________




Phone:  ________________________________________________________________________


E-Mail: _________________________________________________________________________


For Organization/Congregations Members:

Faith Leader/Director Name:  _____________________________________________________


Signature: ______________________________________________________________________

Return this application with your dues to: 121 N. Fitzhugh St., Rochester, NY  14614


Congregation/Organization Member dues can be made in 2 installments.

Individual Member Dues must be paid in full at time of application. 


Make checks payable to RocACTS

For Printable form, click here

For fillable form, click here

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