The group Rochester Alliance of Communities Transforming Society, Inc. (RocACTS) is a interfaith community organizing project of multi-racial, interfaith, urban and suburban congregations and groups that will train and empower citizens to create systemic change and shape the political, social and economic decisions that impact their lives.  We seek to build relationships and to build trust.  We need to listen to others and from listening, we learn.


The goal of RocACTS is to work together, united, to make this the best Rochester. 

How do we do this?

Our starting point is our shared values, remembering  that the Golden Rule is shared by many. Our power and money are organized, in the framework of the common good.  With our money, we will use funds for training, time and space to do the work, and employing a full-time community organizer. Our people will be organized after a deep listening period of hearing the grassroots needs of the citizens of our community.  Currently, we are divided by silos.


RocACTS hopes to unite with others, and all work together for the common good.  Each of us has our own self-interest, and we have to define them individually.  As we learn to examine our individual self-interests, we learn others have similar ones.  Collectively we unite, and through a vote from member congregations, we determine which actions will be given priority and united we work on change.

Our building block tool is the one-on-one conversation.  This is used to strengthen our congregations as well as to connect with others in the community.  We would like members to attend National Leadership Training. Here we learn skills for community organizing.  We realize that what stirs anger up in us is often a trigger to help us focus on our self-interest and, ultimately, our common interests.  The change we want to see and be in the world.   Who will be a citizen activist often starts with a one-on-one conversation.