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Rochester Alliance


Communities Transforming Society 

Vision: An empowered and engaged community, grounded in shared values, working to build and sustain an equitable, just, and moral society.

Mission: Transforming our community together toward equity and justice through community organizing.

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Strategic                    Campaigns   

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Climate Justice 

Climate justice means finding solutions to the climate crisis that not only reduce emissions or protect the natural world, but that do so in a way which creates a fairer, more just and more equal world in the process. As injustice is a root cause of the climate crisis, so fighting for justice must be at the heart of the  solutions.


Advocating for children and enabling a well-rounded, anti-racist education by working directly with the school systems. We commit to building strong relationships with school districts in Monroe County, educators, parents, and others who impact the learning of our children.



Focusing on justice rather than criminal issues the task force advocates for  justice systems that are fair, humane, age-appropriate, free of bias and economically accessible in solidarity with other advocacy groups and engaging in training for our own membership.  

Poverty, housing  and jobs

Engaging with other justice fighters to identify policies that perpetuate  spiraling homelessness, mass evictions, poor living conditions, decreasing affordable housing, and poverty wages to break the cycle of concentrated poverty in black and brown communities while collaborating with like-minded advocacy groups to connect young adults with resources that provide training in employable skills with a goal to disrupt the cycle of poverty, housing instability, poor education,

and joblessness.



 In February of 2022 a partnership was formed with the League of Women Voters Rochester Metro Area (LWV Voting Rights and Get Out the Vote GOTV) leaders. This collaboration focuses on  drives and defines activities to support voting rights in the city of Rochester along with recruitment of volunteers to support voting rights activities such as  being a part of a distribution list used to solicit volunteers to work at various voting rights events, voter registration drives, helping to host speaking engagements, attend post-card writing campaigns, or assist with other events aimed at increasing voter turnout.  

“The first step in addressing racism in society and in the church is to acknowledge its persistence in ourselves and our institutions and in cultural attitudes.”
Marvin L. Krier Mich, Founding Member of RocACTS


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