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Climate Justice Task Force

RocACTS Climate Justice Task Force




As a task force of RocACTS, we who are working for climate justice acknowledge that
racism has been a driver for our community’s environmental harm. Therefore, we
commit to listening to the individuals and communities who have been most harmed.
Climate justice means findi
ng solutions to the climate crisis that not only reduce
emissions or protect the natural world, but that do so in a way which creates a fairer,
more just and more eq
ual world in the process. As injustice is a root cause of the
climate crisis, so fighting for justice must be at the heart of the sol



Climate justice recognizes that the lives of those already facing injustice or oppression
are made harder by the impacts of the climate crisis. As with all other justice issues,
environmental harm occurs at the intersection of so many other threats to life and
dignity. In looking for solutions to climate threats, we are also creating a more fair and
just community.

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