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Roc ACTS went to Albany to demand state funds for early childhood programs

Updated: Mar 23, 2018

Parents, providers and a toddler all went to Albany on February 6th to meet with legislators and to discuss funding for early childhood programs.

Monroe County only provides early child care for a fraction of those who need it. We need a designated funding stream to provide parents of young children quality child care options. Currently, child care providers are closing their doors due to lack of funding and are losing staff because of low wages. Our children and families deserve better. We met with representatives Morelle, Bronson, Funke and Rohbach to discuss state funding options and received commitments from Bronson and Funke that we could count on them to demand the $100 million needed to fund the current gap in child care funding. While we cannot stop there and will need a designated funding stream going forward the advocacy of Roc ACTS, The Children's Agenda and Metro Justice have moved us that much closer to fully funded quality child care.

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