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Climate Justice ~ Education ~ Justice System  Poverty, Housing, and Jobs ~  Voting Rights 

Climate Justice Task Force

Working for climate justice means acknowledging racism has been a driver for our community’s environmental harm. 

We strive to provide our community with the understanding that the climate crisis is a human crisis and an economic crisis, which means that its solutions need to take into account the messy and complex world of global politics and economy. ‘Climate justice’ recognizes that, although global warming is a global crisis, its effects are not felt evenly around the world. The worst effects of the climate crisis – including: extreme heat, flooding and crop failures – are disproportionately felt by countries and communities in the Global South. 

MEETINGS:  Third Thursday of the Month @ 11:30AM


CHAIR: Ruth Marchetti  -

Education Task Force

Realizing when Equity-Minded Discipline is not utilized in school systems, black and brown children suffer the most. In an effort to combat this systemic racial issue, the task force has collaborated with The Children's Agenda to fight against this injustice. The collaboration focuses on offering community town halls to provide education and awareness around this issue. In addition, the partnership focuses on organizing advocates to demand the passing of Senate Bill S1040/7198/A5197, which is currently held in the Education Committee.


Providing an anti-racist curriculum in all Monroe County Schools is another key initiative the Task Force is addressing. In June of 2020, the Task Force was successful in establishing a partnership with The Superintendents of the Monroe County Council of School Superintendents to make a public commitment and to sign a pledge dedicating themselves to provide a change in educational systems that will sustain lasting equity in schools.  

ZOOM MEETINGS:  Second and Fourth Thursday of the Month @ 6:00 pm

CHAIR:  Rotating Facilitators  

Justice System Task Force

Providing our community with justice systems that are fair, humane, age-appropriate, free of bias and economically accessible is the core work of the Task Force.  This happens by attending meetings, advocating local and statewide, educating community members, joining in support and solidarity with other advocacy groups, serving on state-wide coalitions, engaging in training for our own membership and developing focused advocacy actions.  

ZOOM MEETINGS:  First Monday of the Month @ 6:00 pm


CHAIR: Rotating Facilitators

Poverty, Housing, and Jobs Task Force

The ActRochester 2022 update reports the following:


"The Color of Health: The Devastating Toll of Racism on Black Lives does just that. The report connects the dots between the 67% higher premature mortality rate for African Americans in Rochester and the Finger Lakes and the upstream social constraints Black residents are forced to navigate.  Marrying health data with insights from experts and lived experiences, the report documents how racism, whether deliberate or unintentional, undermines physical and mental wellbeing. It shows how biased practices limit access to well-paying jobs, safe neighborhoods, nutritious food and health care; how segregated neighborhoods and schools limit opportunities that are foundational to a child's future wealth and health; and how chronic exposure to racism has a weathering effect on the mind and body."

The ActRochester 2020 report reminded us via the writings of author Ibram X. Kendi, "If we accept the inherent equality of all races and ethnic groups, inequitable outcomes must logically be seen as resulting from policies and procedures of our society, both at a national, state, and local level."


This Task Force addresses the poverty, housing, and job systems that perpetuate inequitable outcomes for BIPOC and the poor.


ZOOM MEETINGS: First Tuesday of the Month @ 6:00pm


CHAIR:  Rotating Facilitators

Voting Rights Task Force

The Voter Rights Task efforts are aligned with the mission of the Rochester League of Voters : Encourage informed, active participation in government, work to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influence public policy through education and advocacy.

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