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RocACTS members know that there is always more to learn and because of this we participate in a variety of national and local trainings to learn more about our work, each other and ourselves.

Faith in Action offers multiple trainings throughout the year ranging from Digital Organizing 101 to Prophetic Role of Clergy and Faith Leaders for its member federations and their constituents.  

Locally RocACTS offers Sacred Conversations on Race+Action adopted from clergy in Ferguson, Missouri after the shooting of Mike Brown. Sacred Conversations+Action are a powerful way to begin conversations between people of different faiths and different racial makeups to discuss race in our personal lives, in our society and how history has created the structural racism we see today. To learn more about sacred conversations and how to schedule one within your congregation or organization, please email

RocACTS also offers our members trainings on One-to-One's, a powerful tool for relationship building, core team trainings, power analysis and issue cutting - all to help us better understand the systemic problems in our society and what we can do about them.

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